See It Before You Buy It

Thursday, June 25, 2015
By Danna Price
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See it before you buy it!!

This is an easy process, I PROMISE.

Preferrably before your proofing appointment, you should think about what products your would like to have.

Albums? Gift portraits? WALL PORTRAITS?

Wall portraits are the best way to share your portraits with house guests and family!

Step 1: Tape a piece of 8.5x11 sheet of paper (copier paper) to the wall where you want to hang your portrait.

Step 2: Step back far enough that you can see the whole wall area (floor to ceiling).

Step 3: Turn on all lights in the room for best lighting.

Step 4: Photograph your area with your phone or digital camera making sure you can see the majority of the wall

area. The more we can see the better.

Step 5: Text or Email the image to us or bring the camera or phone with you to you appointment. We will take care of the rest!!


With our software, we can show you what size portrait will work best with your room.

This is a fun process and saves lots of headaches! Trust us!

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